How to be a better friend to someone with mental health issues

Modesto Morganelli
Октября 10, 2018

"The Department of Health spends less than 1% of the entire health budget on mental health".

The op-ed also mentioned new research they hope will help in "scaling up" the global push to provide access to mental health care, turning it into a worldwide effort, "similar to the movement for HIV/AIDS". "In the United Kingdom and Australia, peer-to-peer education programs encourage young people to support one another".

Do you think you have a friend who's struggling with mental health challenges? The prime minister also said that pupils would be given routine mental health checks, with teachers trained... One such discussion was held on Twitter earlier this year during May, which is considered as Mental Health Month.

Mental disorders are estimated to cost the global community almost $2.5 trillion each year - and those costs are increasing.

Other factors identified as compounding stress in adolescents are the expanding online technologies which undoubtedly bring many benefits, but can also exert additional pressure when people feel the need to be constantly connected.

In a new op-ed for the Guardian published on Tuesday, Gaga, along with World Health Organization director general Tedros Adhanom, urged readers to confront the shame and stigma that keeps people from speaking out about mental health. For more information or professional help, visit their website. It was in 1992 that it was first celebrated, an initiative by the World Federation for Mental Health.

Mental health issues signify disorders that affect mood, thinking and behaviour of an individual due to depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and even eating disorders and addictive behaviours.

"The Benin Specialist Hospital will be open to offer specialist care to patients before the end of the year and we have received letters of intent from experts in the health sector, who want to partner with us to ensure that our health system can meet the needs of our people", he added.

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