Mental health support for young people highlighted by protection body

Modesto Morganelli
Ottobre 10, 2018

And the cost of human suffering that these illnesses cause is, of course, immeasurable.Half of all mental health conditions in adulthood emerge by age 14, and three quarters by 24.

Unaddressed mental health issues, the report assessed, cause long-lasting and preventable harm to people, communities and economies.

"For me, that's ridiculous...the statistics here in New Zealand are ridiculous, not only from a suicide perspective but also from a mental health perspective and we [need to] realise that we've got a collective responsibility to look after each other in a work environment", Hudson said.

"We'll work out with the clinicians advice exactly what that target should be and make sure we have the resources in place to back it up", Hancock explained.

Dr R Balakrishnan, psychiatrist at Ramachandra Hospital, said that there are more people seeking help, especially youngsters, due to increased awareness and exposure to the wealth of information available on the Internet.

It is an initiative by the World Federation for Mental Health to raise public awareness of mental health issues worldwide, and forms part of national Mental Health Week. "The stigma is fuelled by the cultural notion that mental health should not be talked about because "you should not make an issue out of nothing" and just "learn to deal with it", said Dr Gauthamadas, specialist in neuro-behavioural medicine at DocGautham's Neuro Center.

Jamie Matsell, General Manager at Xercise4Less Sheffield, said: "The physical benefits of exercise are well-known, but World Mental Health Day is the flawless opportunity to shine a light on the positive effects exercise has on our mental wellbeing".

"We are looking to support the players as much as we can, as well as the staff, and to try and give them every possibility to speak if needs be". The more we know the better guides we may be.

Today, on World Mental Health Day, politicians and policymakers from more 30 countries around the world are expected to meet in London for the first Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit.

Every Mind Matters has been developed in conjunction with leading charities, academics and clinicians and is endorsed by leading experts in mental health.

Aaron McIntosh, People Concierge at Mcintosh & Co will show the audience how to integrate a pro-active approach to mental health by creating processes to identify those at risk. But when these become overwhelming or frequent they can manifest into a more serious problem.

"I would really like to see a world where people who experience mental illness are free from stigma. stigma reduction is absolutely the foundation piece, but we can't stop there; we then need to provide appropriate, adequate and well-resourced help and support so that people can lead a very full and very flourishing life".

Although Marisa was not bullied on the internet, she says it was a common occurrence in her peer group.

According to Dr Alhassan, the Nigerian Psychological Association (NPA) participates actively in the celebration of the World Mental Health Day annually.

The Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development urged high income countries such as the United Kingdom to spend 10% of their health care budget on mental health. This Partnership would bring together allies from across the diverse global mental health community and beyond.

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