Vietnam exerts efforts to ease climate change impacts

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 10, 2018

The overarching conclusion is that every fraction of a degree of warming matters.

In response to data showing that Australia's emissions levels are the highest since 2011, Ms Price said that this was a "slight increase" and insisted that the Government was on track with meeting internationally agreed upon emissions reduction targets.

Former Royal Society President Lord Rees made the appeal as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issues the most extensive-ever climate change warning over the risks of rising global temperatures.

It's therefore likely that the scenario now being played out in Europe will be extended to other parts of the world, with coal-fired power being replaced by a combination of renewables, battery storage, gas-fired back-up and even nuclear.

"I'm very much supportive of the coal industry", he told Sky News on Monday.

Australian Conservation Foundation chief executive Kelly O'Shanassy called on the government to change tactics.

She then said that the Government would "make no apology" for its plans for "getting electricity prices down".

"Hanging on to coal is reckless and very risky because it will fuel global warming".

Initial reaction to the IPCC report has been predictable, with supporters of renewable energy cheering it, and backers of fossil fuels resorting to the familiar arguments that somehow the science is either wrong or a hoax.

The IPCC report states that the hottest days of summer in mid-latitudes could increase by 4°C under a 2°C global increase, suggesting that heat waves here in southern BC could easily reach 44°C. Politicians are fond of talking about what kind of future we will leave our grandchildren, but I can now say that having a grandchild sharpens that perspective dramatically. "We're seeing deeper and more severe and more frequent drought, which is already playing havoc on our agriculture production systems". "But we also show with high confidence that climate -resilient trajectories at 1.5°C are possible and feasible, requiring transformative visions from a range of people to lead to a sustainable future for all". "We need to shift the story away from the individual towards what we can achieve together". Coal is also Australia's largest export, according to McCormack.

"There are positive signs that these good conditions will continue in coming decades", he said, citing a recent industry forecast that annual Asian demand for coal burnt in power plants would jump by half from about 740 million tonnes to 1.147 billion tonnes by 2030.

Australia is the world's driest inhabited continent.

If humans don't drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the next decade, we will not stop warming that's expected to have widespread and catastrophic impacts upon the Earth's ecosystems.

"Australia is responsible for sending coal off to other countries and the atmosphere doesn't care where it gets burnt".

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