The Secrets of Stephen Hawking's Last Paper

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 11, 2018

Hawking argued that because black holes have temperature and hot objects ultimately lose their heat in space, black holes eventually evaporate and disappear.

Now, the modern genius' final scientific paper has been completed and posted online by his colleagues for the world to revel in. It has now been written up by his colleagues at Cambridge and Harvard universities and posted online, the Guardian reported on Wednesday.

The paper named Black Hole Entropy and Soft Hair, tackles with what happens to information when it falls into a blackhole, a problem that theoretical physicists refer to as "the information paradox", said researchers from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

"The difficulty is that if you throw something into a black hole it looks like it disappears", Perry told The Guardian.

The revelation led to physicists scrambling for 40 years for a solution to what was referred to as the black-hole information paradox.

The origins of the puzzle go way back to 1915 when Einstein published his theory of general relativity.

Hawking "tried to reconcile this with the competing theory that no information - meaning physical information in objects - can ever be lost", the newspaper continues.

The physicists have shown that a black hole's entropy may be recorded by photons that surround its event horizon which is the point at which light can not escape the intense gravitational pull.

Days before Hawking died, co-authors Malcolm J. Perry, Sasha Haco and Andrew Strominger were working on the paper.

Shortly before Stephen Hawking died in March, the legendary cosmologist was still thinking big.

The paper named BlackHole Entropy and Soft Hair handles with the end result for data when it falls into a blackhole, an issue that hypothetical physicists allude to as 'the information paradox.

He said, "It was very hard for Stephen to communicate and I was put on a loudspeaker to explain where we had got to".

"A black hole's entropy - or internal disorder - can be recorded by these photons around the edge". I told him we’d got somewhere. It's telling you that soft hair really is doing the right stuff'.

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