Celebrities Demand Global Action to Combat Mental Health Stigma

Modesto Morganelli
Ottobre 12, 2018

The Department of Psychiatry at Karpagam Faculty of Medical Sciences and Research held a continuous medical education programme on World Mental Health Day theme.

"Their goal is to decrease the stigma about mental illness and suicide prevention among college students specifically", said Sammy Stoll, the president of the University of Iowa chapter of Active Minds.

Attached to numerous backpacks were personal stories about the students to whom they had belonged, providing background about their lives and battles with mental illness. Being a mental health nurse means having the compassion, courage and drive to take on new challenges, knowing that it may be hard, but that you are making a difference in the lives of your patients who need that extra care.

Take This also hosts blog posts on the relationship between gaming and mental health, and the organization runs an Ambassador Program that partners with streamers known for creating thoughtful, empathetic, and affirming communities.

Between 1991 and 2006, the proportion of healthy years of life lost to mental illness - including substance abuse and dementias - around the world has risen by about 40%, the report shows. To observe World Mental Health Day, Peng gave a talk at a seminar hosted by John George Psychiatric Hospital in San Leandro, California, on Wednesday night for parents of teenagers.

However, the failures of the mental health care system are multifaceted. Psychosocial support can be provided in schools and other community settings and, of course, training for health workers to enable them to detect and manage mental health disorders can be put in place, improved or expanded. These kinds of innovations could also be used to help destigmatise mental illness.

"Young people are constantly battling the effects of human rights violations, war and violence in our homes, schools and workplaces, competing cultures from all around us through television and the internet, where they experience cyber-crimes, cyber-bullying". We have a long way to go as a state in the way that we fund treatment.

The last resource, which includes online interventions, could be particularly appropriate, the WHO said, due to the stigma attached to mental health issues, which may prevent some young adults from seeking help. Disorders such as depression and anxiety are more common among women.

"The time has come for us all, collectively, to tackle the causes and symptoms of mental illness, and provide care for those who suffer from it". As the Director of Nursing with the Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division, I see first hand the impact nurses have on people every day.

"We need to open up functional counselling centres in our institutions of learning and within the society generally".

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