LeBron James Says His Sons, Ages 14 And 11, Enjoy Wine

Paola Ditto
Октября 13, 2018

They've apparently also gotten a taste of his wine.

During a practice session Tuesday, the Los Angeles Lakers star explained that he lets his two sons, 14-year-old LeBron Jr. and 11-year-old Bryce, drink wine.

His physique didn't hold him back too much in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals, when he dunked on the player who was his idol just a few years ago, LeBron James.

In an apparent effort to prove his sons are up to date with his young Lakers teammates, James revealed a little secret about the boys' drinking habits in the process.

When asked what kind of wine the kids drink, LeBron left reporters guessing before taking the blame for any criticism that might come his way.

When asked about their preference for red or white wine, "Whatever dad or mom is having". "Put it on me though, don't put it on mom, put it on dad". "Put it on Dad, put it on Dad".

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