LifeProof NËXT Case For Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL Now Available

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Октября 13, 2018

I'm thinking that, at US$799 (for the 3) and US$899 (XL) to buy outright - or a fraction of that if you take out a monthly plan over two years - this is not only cheaper than the new iPhone Xs (US$999) and Xs Max (US$1099), but for those that want Android it's the ideal alternative. As with other protective cases in the series, the new cases are touted as drop proof from up to 6.6-feet, as well as offering water, snow, dust, and debris protection provided by IP-5X-certified port blocking.

The Pixel 3, priced at $799, and a larger Pixel 3 XL, priced at $899, mark Google's latest entries for a phone line-up it hopes will someday be as popular as Apple Inc.'s iPhone.

You have successfully hidden the notch on your Pixel 3 XL.

Google surprised nobody at its 9 October event by launching a new flagship smartphone, the Pixel 3. The screen came with a 5-inch display, 1080 x 1920 resolution and AMOLED technology, making for a attractive display - although the Pixel 3 does trump it slightly in that regard now. The tech giant announces it will launch Google Pixel Slate that can compete with Apple's iPad. The Pixel 3 sticks to one camera and offers this portrait mode and much more. Additionally, a new RAW+JPEG option will show up in camera settings. Here take a look at this image to understand what we want to say. Google pursued a software-first strategy that promoted exclusive, proprietary camera features that other Android phones didn't have.

Pixel Camera Feature, Top Shot. Call Screen will first verify if a call is spam before handing it over to you.

Google has sold an estimated 7 million Pixels over the past two years, nearly imperceptible next to the 3.6 billion phones shipped during that time, according to IDC. Google's Pixel 2 did it, and pretty well too, using just one camera. All Pixel phones support Google Lens, but since the new experience uses the Pixel Visual Core for instant suggestions, it's possible only the Pixel 2 will get the new experience. Additionally, the Pixel 3 lately with a price tag of CNY 4,999 (roughly Rs. 52,800). Therefore, they know how to manipulate user's data smartly for advertisement objective. The feature is set to arrive on the Pixel and Pixel 2 next month. With Google's new Live Albums feature, also available on Home Hub, you can "enjoy a constantly updating stream of photos of the people and pets you care about and skip blurry ones and duplicates", Bonner wrote. Not to mention other Android devices in 2019. Another incredible feature is that Top shot will select from the multiple pictures in which the everyone is looking at the camera in the group photo. Just watch the video below to get blown away by Google's AI. In this article I'll be comparing the new handset with its predecessor, the Pixel 2, to find out. These features make the Google Pixel stand out and be extraordinary.

We'll update this post as soon as Google starts releasing these exciting features to older Pixel devices.

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