Wealthy will create ‘superhuman race’: Stephen Hawking essays reveal dark prediction

Rodiano Bonacci
Ottobre 15, 2018

In his final book In Brief Answers to the Big Questions, out on Tuesday, Professor Hawking states that he fears wealthy people will begin to edit their own and their children's DNA to create "superhumans" who will be more intelligent and live longer.

"We are now entering a new phase of what might be called self-designed evolution, in which we will be able to change and improve our DNA", Hawking writes.

The celebrated physicist suggested that genetic engineering would create a new race of humans that could destroy the rest of humanity.

In contrast, more comprehensive and absolute tampering with our physiology - such as boosting human intelligence, for example - will take greater time and control to master, since a larger and more complex arrangement of genes will be involved.

Hawking, who died aged 76 earlier this year, believed the leap in technology could lead to the end of mankind as we know it.

Hawking's suggestion has proven controversial among the science community.

In an excerpt printed in The Sunday Times, the professor said: 'I am sure that during this century people will discover how to modify both intelligence and instincts such as aggression.

Hawking insisted that "once such superhumans appear, there will be significant political problems with unimproved humans, who won't be able to compete". If the human race manages to redesign itself, it will probably spread out and colonise other planets and stars. His dire prediction continued that those being outpaced in the human development race will either die out or become unimportant, leaving "a race of self-designing beings who are improving at an ever-increasing rate". "But some people won't be able to resist the temptation to improve human characteristics, such as memory, resistance to disease and length of life", Hawking wrote.

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