Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper score the Official Irish Charts Double

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ottobre 16, 2018

The idea of a man helping to create something he falls in love with has stubbornly persisted, influencing movies from "My Fair Lady" to "Pretty Woman" to "She's All That". She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer - until Jack persuades her into the spotlight. What makes A Star Is Born unique is that the primary conflict is not derived from the relationship that seems to take center stage.

Two of the most talked-about American films in Box office recently, musical romantic drama film "A Star Is Born" directed by Bradley Cooper and biographical drama film "First Man" directed by Damien Chazelle are now being screened at the Star Cineplex of Bashundhara City Shopping Mall in the capital. Kept down because of what people see, not hear, Gaga delivers a powerhouse performance that anchors the film. At one point, towards the end of the film, we meet George (Dave Chappelle), for whom the audience is given little to no backstory, despite his role in a crucial scene.

Both lead actors have been thrusted in a situation where it is their first time (Cooper as singer, Gaga as actor). And Gaga convinced Cooper to film all the performances live.

Her friend said: "When you're young, you are wiring of who you are on the inside isn't fully out there yet". The movie first hit theaters in 1937 as an American Technicolor romantic drama film.

The most recent version of this epic starred Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson in 1976. Gaga is possibly flawless. It was a lovely experience because I feel absolutely privileged and humble to sit beside him. "We showed her some of the film that day, too, and she was so kind and wonderful". Gaga herself, out of modesty or appreciation, has given lots of credit for her own star-making role to Cooper. Unabashedly performing in elaborate costumes (meat dress!) and putting on eye-popping stunts (Super Bowl halftime show, anyone?) is her thing. They are characters, however flawed, whom we care about. But Jackson sees something special in Ally as both a person and performer, and won't let her back down from realizing her potential. The aging country rocker Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper) drunkenly stumbles into a transvestite bar called Bleu Bleu just as James Mason's Norman Maine stumbled into a bar of the same name in the 1954 version. The instant connect between two strangers, the shared confidences, the insecurity of the "big nose" (a recurrent motif) feels genuine, even in the dangerously heavy sounding bits like ME telling Ally: "Everyone in the world is talented, but just a few have something to say, and it's those that the world is willing to lend an ear to". "This absolutely happened to me", she says. "It was suggested I get a nose job before my first single came out, and I said no because I love my Italian nose. I have always admired him but he has taught me so much and it's changed my life", she added. Even if she's playing a character on these songs, it's disappointing to see her songwriting, which is generally strong even on her most subtle songs, fail here.

"This role and transformation asked me to call upon things that happened much earlier in my life when I felt very self-conscious and didn't feel attractive", she says of dying her hair brown and wearing no make-up for the duration of the shoot.

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