Saudis Preparing to Admit Journalist Killed By Mistake During Interrogation

Cornelia Mascio
Ottobre 17, 2018

A Turkish official told the AP the investigators found evidence that Khashoggi had been slain, but didn't offer details.

Turkish media report that a 15-member Saudi "assassination squad" confronted the Washington Post writer at the embassy and his screams could be heard throughout the building.

President Donald Trump on Saturday said Saudi Arabia could be behind the disappearance of missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi and warned Washington would inflict "severe punishment" if he was murdered.

Over the past two days, Saudi Arabia has allowed Turkish police to search the consulate.

A team of Turkish police spent more than nine hours in the consulate on October 15 and October 16 and the Associated Press reported that they found "certain evidence" about the killing of the prominent Saudi dissident.

She said under global law, both a forced disappearance and an extra-judicial killing were "very serious crimes" and immunity should not be used to impede investigations into what happened and who is responsible. Samples, including soil from the garden and a metal gate, were reportedly taken.

Hours before the investigators entered the consulate, multiple news outlets reported of, and cameras filmed, a cleaning crew wheeling in boxes and boxes of cleaning supplies.

Speaking to journalists in Geneva amid news reports that details of Khashoggi's death may surface soon, indicating that it was an accident, United Nations human rights office (OHCHR) spokesperson Rupert Colville said potentially serious crimes had been committed and the perpetrators should be held accountable.

Up until this point, Saudi officials have strongly denied accusations that Khashoggi was murdered, saying instead he left the diplomatic outpost on his own. Publicly, Saudi Arabia so far has issued only denials in response to reports of Turkish claims that Khashoggi was murdered.

Riyadh was reported to have been planning a statement suggesting Khashoggi was killed in a botched interrogation, but nothing has come out yet.

It will be easy for Trump to dismiss such criticisms by arguing that he's merely passing along what he was told by King Salman and the crown prince.

Appearing to find the explanation a little too convenient, Democratic Sen.

"Been hearing the ridiculous "rogue killers" theory was where the Saudis would go with this", Sen.

"Absolutely extraordinary they were able to enlist the President of the United States as their PR agent to float it".

Saudi Arabia has responded to Western statements by saying it would retaliate against any pressure or economic sanctions "with greater action", and Arab allies rallied to support it. "I would suspend arms sales as long as he is in charge".

Unlike other tech executives who specifically talked about the disappearance of Khashoggi as the reason for exiting the conference, Greene didn't elaborate.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with King Salman on Tuesday morning, before meeting with the Crown Prince.

"I know what I'm going to do".

They are obliged to take all measures to prevent torture, enforced disappearances and other serious human rights violations to investigate allegations of acts constituting these crimes, and to bring to justice those suspected of committing them, she said. "Until now, Mohammed bin Salman, in most circles inside and especially outside the kingdom, was seen as a reformer and modernizer carrying out necessary changes, yet this abduction or killing can in no way be seen as a legitimate procedure of this reform process", she said.

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