Most Top Burger Chains Receive an 'F' on Antibiotics, Report Says

Cornelia Mascio
Ottobre 18, 2018

Wendy's narrowly missed earning an F. The company, which previous year made a pledge to reduce one antibiotic in a small portion of its beef supply, scored a D minus. "Both companies now serve only beef raised without antibiotics", the report says.

Despite these challenges, burger chains can limit antibiotic use in their beef supply chain, says Lena Brook, M.E.S., interim director for food and agriculture at the Natural Resources Defense Council. "Both companies now serve only beef raised without antibiotics", the report "Chain Reaction IV: Burger Edition", said.

McDonald's, Burger King and even the much vaunted In-N-Out Burger were among the 22 chains to get failing grades of "F". "Many meat producers routinely give the drugs to animals that are not sick either to promote faster growth or to prevent disease caused by factory farm production practices". There may even be a financial gain: almost 60 percent of Americans in CR's survey said they would pay more at a restaurant for a burger made from beef not raised with antibiotics.

In a statement, McDonald's spokesperson Lauren Altmin said "preserving the effectiveness of antibiotics for future generations is highly important" to the company.

"While restaurants and major meat producers have critical roles to play in stopping the overuse of antibiotics, the government must also act to achieve the kind of lasting, industry-wide change needed to fully protect public health", the report said.

"Policymakers should only allow beef producers to use medically important antibiotics under the guidance of a licensed veterinarian, and to treat animals diagnosed with an illness or to control a verified disease outbreak", it says.

The report urges chains and lawmakers to take action.

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