Saudi Arabia killing: Khashoggi chilling last column released as audio describes torture

Remigio Civitarese
Ottobre 18, 2018

In Istanbul, forensic teams have been looking for evidence after the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi journalist.

In Turkey on Tuesday, a high-level Turkish official told the AP that police investigators searching the Saudi Consulate had found evidence that Khashoggi was killed there.

Citing crackdowns on the press by Egyptian and Saudi officials, Khashoggi warned such actions "no longer carry the outcome of a backlash from the global community".

The leaks, majority reported in local pro-government newspapers in Turkey, may provide a clearer picture of what happened over two weeks ago when Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate to obtain documents related to his upcoming marriage to a Turkish woman. However, the president has appeared to be increasingly ill at ease as it looks more likely that Khashoggi was murdered by Saudi officials upset with his increasingly anti-Riyadh stance as a writer for the Washington Post.

"As a result, Arab governments have been given free rein to continue silencing the media at an increasing rate", Khashoggi wrote.

President Trump met with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the White House Thursday, after Pompeo returned Wednesday night from a whirlwind trip to Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi has led to widespread concerns in diplomatic and political circles.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said the Trump administration may have to take drastic action after the suspected murder of a US legal resident by Saudi agents in Turkey. "This column perfectly captures his commitment and passion for freedom in the Arab world".

Turkish officials have accused Saudi Arabia of brutally killing Khashoggi, a Saudi national who often criticized the Saudi government in his reporting.

"We have asked for [the audio or video evidence], if it exists".

The Saudi Government has denied any wrongdoing but has hinted the journalist's murder may have been the outcome of a botched interrogation by "rogue" employees.

Khashoggi disappeared after entering the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in early October.

The Arab21 news website reported that the author paid a visit to the Saudi consulate in Istanbul late last month but was told by officials at the time to return at a later date to complete an application related to a family matter.

Mr Cavusoglu said his meeting with Mr Pompeo had been a "beneficial and fruitful" encounter.

He visited the consulate last Tuesday to obtain a document confirming he had divorced his ex-wife, in order to allow him to remarry.

Despite mounting pressure on Donald Trump to take a harder line against Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman - who he views as a key ally in the region - the U.S. president has resisted calls for sanctions.

"His voice and his ideas will reverberate, from Turkey to Saudi Arabia, and across the world", Cengiz added.

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