New Banksy Video Shows How He Pulled Off Shredding Stunt

Brunilde Fioravanti
Ottobre 19, 2018

Nearly two weeks after Banksy shared a short video via Instagram confirming that he was behind the shredding of his famous Girl With Balloon artwork while at auction, the artist has released a director's cut video documenting the stunt.

Almost a fortnight after Banksy made headlines at Sotheby's in London with his spectacular self-destructing painting, the artist has posted a video titled Shredding the Girl and Balloon: The Director's Cut (check it out below) that provides far more detail on just how he managed to pull off the caper, which caught the art world by surprise.

Banksy makes the reveal in a video posted on Wednesday, explaining that in practice runs before the auction, the entire painting was shredded to bits, leaving an empty frame and a pile of scraps.

In the video, we see new footage of the "Girl with Balloon" artwork being auctioned off.

The latest three-minute-long video shows a hooded figure constructing the shredder in a workshop, before cutting to the auction, where a pair of hands presses a button in a black box to set off the destruction as soon as the artwork is sold.

An unnamed collector bought the piece which, including a buyer's premium, cost £1m.

But a new video that the guerilla street artist shared to YouTube on Tuesday suggests the stunt was slightly botched.

The very moment the auctioneer announced the name of the winning bidder, the bottom half of the artwork was sucked into the shredder concealed in the frame.

Part of the piece remained within the frame and was not destroyed.

Banksy previously claimed that preparations for the stunt were carried out "a few years ago" in case it was ever put up for auction.

Banksy has since renamed the partially shredded work as "Love Is In The Bin".

Commenting on the stunt, street-art curator Roger Gastman, who has worked with the artist, said, "Banksy continues to amaze me with his ingenuity", adding, "He continues prove that you can be a great artist 100 percent on your own terms".

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