Going vegan may help people manage diabetes

Modesto Morganelli
Novembre 1, 2018

The authors, from the University of London, the University of Northampton and East Sussex NHS Healthcare Trust, performed a systematic review of all studies relevant to type 2 diabetes patients and plant-based diets - or eating habits that avoid the consumption of most or all animal products and support high consumption of fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, whole grains and nuts.

Not all vegan diets are healthy, so it's important to take note of what's going into your food.

As per the researchers, furthermore, plant-based diets could potentially improve diabetic neuropathic pain and the levels of total cholesterol, cholesterol and triglycerides in type-2 diabetes.

"Based on the evidence of the research analysis by this systematic review, it can be concluded that plant-based diets accompanied by educational interventions can significantly improve psychological health, quality of life, HbA1c levels and weight, and therefore the management of diabetes", write the researchers. Of those trials, eight involved fully vegan diets, while the remainder were vegetarian. The trials lasted for an average of 23 weeks.

People eating plant-based diets experienced an improvement in their physical health and better control of their diabetes, the findings showed. It regulates blood sugar levels in the body and further improves gut health. The UK researchers behind the study believe their benefits could extend to helping prevent type 2 diabetes. Participants lost almost twice as much weight - 5.23 kg compared to 2.83 kg on other diets - and also saw a reduction in blood fat levels, which increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Depression levels dropped, while overall quality of life improved.

In six studies vegan participants were able to cut down on the drugs they were taking for their diabetes. Flaxseeds help in reducing the chances of heart complications and also the risk of strokes associated with diabetes.

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