NASA's Hubble spots cosmic smiley among colourful galaxies

Rodiano Bonacci
Novembre 7, 2018

Here, nestled among a sea of galaxies, is a clear and unmistakable smiley face - two bright blobs suspended above a streak of light.

Far away galaxies smiling back at Hubble.

But the "smile" is actually evidence of a phenomenon known as "gravitational lensing" - wherelight is "bent" by the gravity of massive objects in the foreground on its way towards us.

Galaxy clusters are some of the most massive structures in the universe that are bound together by gravity.

Hubble Space Telescope returned to normal operations on October 26 after successfully recovering a backup gyroscope that had replaced a failed one three weeks earlier.

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captured a formation of galaxies that look like a smiling face, the United States space agency reported. The powerful telescope captured this pic to understand how new stars are born in the Universe.

'WFC3 is able to view distant galaxies at an unprecedented resolution - high enough to locate and study regions of star formation within them, ' NASA said.

NASA scientists captured in space "silhouette of a bat", which in reality is the shadow of a massive star, called among astrologers HBC 672. "By analyzing the luminosity, size and formation rate of different stellar nurseries, scientists hope to learn more about the processes that can lead to the formation of a newborn star". The orbiting observatory was forced to suspend its operation due to a gyroscope failure.

Studying the lives of other galaxies can shed light on how gas turns into a giant star.

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