Mass Effect’s N7 armour will be available in Anthem

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Novembre 8, 2018

The Mass Effect franchise is now in a state of suspended animation following the lackluster showing by the series' fourth game, Mass Effect Andromeda.

BioWare fans around the world celebrated N7 Day yesterday, and the team behind Anthem gave a little nod to the franchise.

BioWare posted a short video on Twitter mostly made up of people from both the studio and the fan community talking about why they like Mass Effect.

"To me, "Mass Effect" means that there's always something new to play, to interact with, to explore in the universe", Gamble said. Does the update significantly improve your experience? So what better time is there to look at how the Mass Effect franchise can prosper and excel?

The video asked fans and other BioWare employees about the meaning of "N7", and even got an answer from Casey Hudson, the general manager of BioWare. Would BioWare maintain the course set by the fourth game, which spins off from the original trilogy and takes place in a whole new galaxy, or would that game's rough reception lead to a whole new course?

It's no secret that Mass Effect has an incredibly passionate fanbase, and we're sure plenty of the BioWare faithful will be treating today with more positivity than us - and that's great.

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