New Porsche 911: fresh images of 992 model released…

Remigio Civitarese
Novembre 8, 2018

Porsche is out testing prototypes for its next-generation 911, the 992, which will be hitting the market next summer as a 2020 model.

Though it's essential to test the 911 in all weather conditions, including the extreme climates where some of the production models will be used, most drivers will be taking their Porsche out on public urban and rural roads as part of their daily routine. At the end of the tests, Porsche says it will have driven the new 911 for about 3 million kilometers, or 1.86 million miles. They furthermore endured "lengthy traffic jams in major cities" and set "new records on race tracks".

The testing first focused on the brand's traditional core areas of expertise - a chassis and engines, which the company enhanced. The Porsche Connect system differed from country to country, so its testing was very resource-intensive.

Finland where temperature dips under - 35 degree Celsius was picked as the solidifying area to test for chilly begin testing, warming footing, taking care of and braking conduct and additionally the reaction speed control system which are identified with the driving dynamics. Endurance runs saw the new 911 test cars on China's roads in country-typical traffic situations and proved the fact that they can run reliably on different quality fuels. Italy's Nardo test track is also an important venue for testing the 911.

The vehicles reach their geographically lowest point in Death Valley, which descends to around 90 metres below sea level; while the thin air on Mount Evans, Colorado, with a height of 4,300 metres, challenges the biturbo charging and the fuel system. These efforts, when put together, are integral in the carmaker's pursuit of ensuring the eighth generation 911 continues the tradition of being the best 911 of all time. In the gallery released by Porsche, it looks like the part of the auto that will be revealed last is the tail light cluster-these images have the ends of the full-width taillight strip still taped up.

The nextgeneration 911 has proved to be the vehicle of all times.

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