Sony Quietly Revs the PlayStation 4 Pro

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Novembre 8, 2018

The latest tweak to the PlayStation 4 Pro makes the powerhouse console nearly as quiet as Sony was about sneaking the new model into stores. The new variant reportedly runs a bit hotter than the original model, but its fan remains a lot quieter. Even at its loudest point, the new machine will only hit 48 dB, which is still quieter than the previous PS4 Pro's lowest noise output.

Beyond this, however, it is hard to spot any significant changes compared to the previous CUH-7100 device.

A new version of the PS4 Pro has slipped out onto the shelves. The new PlayStation 4 Pro with model number CUH-7200 is said to be significantly quieter than the previous version, which was often reported to reach jet engine decibel levels. The woman is a multicolored bundle of light particles and thanks to HDR, I can make out each particle and note the way they each cast their own vibrant glow on on the red brick wall.

Having your console whirring away is an unwelcome distraction and one that you'd rather avoid if you could. A recent review of the new CUH-7200 model has compared it to the launch model, as well as the more recent CUH-7100 variant. These are relatively minor tweaks which are less likely to influence anyone's decision to make the jump to a PS4 Pro.

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