Voting underway as Donald Trump faces litmus test

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Novembre 8, 2018

Republicans hadn't publicly given up hope Tuesday though that they could pull off a victory, and continued making their push to voters. A true outsider, a successful, bold businessman with no prior political experience took the world by storm with a win that many said would be impossible and potentially disastrous for our country.

By the time the sun goes down in Australia, there should have a good idea of what the future holds for the US, Australia and the western world.

Polling aggregator 538 is projecting that the Republicans will indeed lose control of the House of Representatives this time around.

Sanders said candidates who welcomed Trump did better at the polls. That number is expected to grow, as results had not been called for more than a dozen races in which women are running.

"I'm not saying we know for sure it's going to be a repeat, but a lot of the polls heading into the final weekend of 2016 suggested it was neck-and-neck as it is now in a lot of these Senate battles, it was in the presidential race; and then the president was doing those rallies, he had real momentum and that's what really propelled him in states like Wisconsin, Florida... that late surge that a lot of the pollsters missed".

But many - if not most - of the votes in North Carolina had yet to be counted by 8:15 p.m. Republicans who dominate the state would probably prevail, but waiting for the outcome could extend the uncertainty about the Senate's party breakdown - and perhaps which side has control. But the closeness of the toss-up races - Republican Sen.

Health care and immigration were high on voters' minds as they cast ballots in the midterm elections, per a wide-ranging survey by The Associated Press.

Republicans retained Senate control Tuesday after ousting Democratic incumbents in Indiana, North Dakota and Missouri, delivering a victory to President Donald Trump by preserving the chamber as a showplace for his conservative priorities for two more years.

Two other sources close to the White House said that Trump is already blaming retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan for what the President's team is billing as a bad night.

History was working against the president in the Senate: 2002 was the only midterm election in the past three decades when the party holding the White House gained Senate seats.

Despite the conventional wisdom that the President should have campaigned on strong jobs and wage growth, Trump has successfully pounded away at Democrats' support of sanctuary cities and the Central American caravans moving toward the U.S border as a wedge issue to speak to the concerns of suburban women in seven tight U.S. Senate races.

A loss of the House will also trigger significant second guessing of the President's tactics, given that he chose not to make the booming economy his primary midterm argument, instead turning to a searing indictment of Democrats focusing on immigration and laden with racial language.

Quorum rules say 20 senators must be on the Senate floor and 40 representatives on the House floor for votes to take place, Courtney said. Republican Brian Kemp, also secretary of state in Georgia, is running the election as well as running against Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Midterm turnout by young adult voters, aged 18 to 29, most recently peaked in 1982, when 31.7 percent of that age group cast a ballot, according to Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement at Tufts University.

At a poll site in Atlanta, voters waited in the rain in long lines that stretched around the building. Do voters in Iowa and other spots on the Obama-Trump map swing back to the Democrats?

Faced with the possibility of keeping the Senate, but losing the House, aides have begun laying out the political reality to Trump, who could face an onslaught of Democratic-run investigations and paralysis of his policy agenda.

The GOP's gains come even as the results in Nevada and Arizona have yet to be determined.

Pelosi has remained noncommittal amid speculation that she would step aside to make way for new leadership, regardless of the election results.

Over three quarters of voters think Americans are becoming more politically divided.

Like Monday Night Football, election night in America has become a made-for-television event.

Lavrov also reiterated Moscow's position that it is not meddling in US elections. He said since Trump has been president, he 's hired two more employees for his six-person company.

Severe weather in several Southern states could affect voter turnout on Election Day. There were no serious injuries but an estimated 11,000 residents were left without electricity.

As voters head to the polls Tuesday, nothing was certain.

As for Republicans retaining control of the Senate, she called it "a huge moment and victory for the president".

Democrats' very relevance in the Trump era depends on winning at least one chamber of Congress.

"They don't care. They want to use the impeachment power to vindicate their view of government". With the first polls not slated to close until 6 P.M. eastern, polling was the only indicators both parties had on Tuesday of their prospects.

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