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Novembre 9, 2018

Last week Blizzard annual Blizzcon event certainly gave us a few things to be excited about from new heroes, to remasters and new games; it seemed to have it all.

The news that Blizzard is revisiting the classic real-time strategy aspects of the Warcraft franchise years after pivoting to MMO with the wildly successful World of Warcraft was enough to fuel speculation that a fourth installment in the series might be underway. The magnitude of the Diablo Immortal reveal's negativity has escalated much bigger than necessary, but even though that's the case, the response from Blizzard needs to be elevated, too. "With their incredible passion for Diablo and proven mobile expertise, the development team has spawned an ultra-responsive and breathtakingly lovely mobile game, and we can't wait for players to get their hands on it". Now, Blizzard denies that any such reveal was planned. There's going to be ongoing support. I also think Diablo: Immortal has the potential to actually be a pretty neat mobile game, if undoubtedly not a replacement for a proper sequel. Mobile can compete for a hardcore gamer's attention. He also teased that Diablo for mobile could be just the first of Blizzard's franchise to get mobile releases, as another Blizzard executive already said.

The problem here isn't even really that it's a mobile game, it's the improper context Immortal came with.

The partnership with NetEase, analysts added, "signals that Blizzard seeks success in western and eastern markets, with gameplay elements for core enthusiasts and the previously-uninitiated". Regarding the timing, that's something that we'll talk about as we go forward. While we haven't been given an exact release date, the game will be coming in Summer 2019. The days of archaic arcade phone games are gone.

The new "Diablo Immortal" mobile offering fell short of some fan expectations for the popular desktop games. Blizzard is developing the title alongside free-to-play veteran and longtime partner NetEase, if that's any indication as to the business model it may use.

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