Chrome to ad-block entire website with abusive advertisements

Remigio Civitarese
Novembre 9, 2018

This isn't the initial step by Google to make the user experience of web perusing more secure with Chrome.

"We've learned since then that this approach did not go far enough", said Vivek Sekhar, Product Manager for Google.

Google monitored the effectiveness of the implementation in Chrome and revealed yesterday that Chrome caught only half of the abusive experiences with the implemented set of protections.

Webmasters find information about abusive site experiences on their sites in the Google Search Console.

"These protections blocked pop-ups and new window requests from sites with certain abusive experiences like redirecting pages". Released in July, this version of the browser prevented websites from opening any new tabs or windows if there were reports of the website being abusive.

Of course, Chrome users can opt not to use these defense measures if, for some reason, they'd like to experience these abusive ads. The updated Chrome browser 71 will enable this feature by default although users will also have the option to manually turn it off.

Google declared the adverts in question "trick" users and attempt to "steal" personal data.

Unexpected Click Areas: Transparent backgrounds, non-visible page elements, or other typically non-clickable areas that lead to an ad or landing page when clicked. But it's likely a prudent idea to check your site in the Abusive Experiences Tool to check if anything is flagged by Google as abusive.

But there is a darker side to online advertising, and it's when ads deliberately mislead, antagonize or even scam users.

The update is part of Google's longstanding fight against abusive ads on the internet.

If the owner does not comply, Chrome will block all ads when it displays the site, no questions asked.

The new feature is that Chrome will remove all ads on the small number of sites with persistent abusive experiences when it comes to malicious advertisements.

Chrome is launching its brand new browser, Chrome 71, next month. If they fail to do so within the grace period, the site will be blocked outright, Tech2 reported.

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