Ingress Prime now available to welcome new Agents to the fight

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Novembre 9, 2018

The new visually overhauled game has been launched on Android and iOS, and is being called Ingress Prime by Niantic. Niantic also hopes to attract more of the hardcore GO crowd to Ingress Prime and will continue to use GO as "the world's best onboarding tool" for its own game.

Many of Pokmon Go's hardcore players are now at the game's level 40 cap - and a growing number of budding Pokmon trainers are now joining them, thanks to the buckets of XP given out by PoGo's recent friendship system.

However, like usual, Niantic has not provided full details on all the ways you can unlock these new variants. It's the next evolution of the trailblazing geolocation game that was eventually responsible for the craze that is Pokémon Go.

The company says it has spent six years working on improving Ingress, and are keen to share with both existing and new players to new innovations introduced in Ingress Prime, which are said to build on the multiplayer gameplay, narrative integration and real-world experiences of the original geared towards veteran and new players.

So expect updates in the future adding more details to what is going in Pokemon Go right now.

Upon completing the training, players must choose a side between The Enlightened and The Resistance, two factions battling for control of these landmarks and the fate of the world. Your account information such as names, badges, progress, and other important data will be transferred over from Ingress to Ingress Prime. It's the ideal time to get back into the game if you've fallen out of it.

Although Ingress doesn't have quite the same player base as Pokemon Go, the game has enjoyed a loyal following for years. Ingress Prime's HUD and overworld have been retooled in 3D, in a design which looks very similar to that of Pokmon Go's map layout.

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