Scientists At Odds About Whether Space Rock Oumuamua is an Alien Probe

Rodiano Bonacci
Novembre 9, 2018

- Some Harvard astronomers claim an object spotted in the solar system could have been an alien spacecraft that was investigating our part of the galaxy.

The object's flat, elongated shape and reddish colour is from outside our solar system, according to the researchers.

The mysterious cigar-shaped interstellar object, which is apparently the first known object from another solar system to pass through our own, left some members of the scientific community wondering whether it is merely a space rock or some kind of alien craft.

It was moving at 59,030mph when it was first tracked by scientists, and its unusual trajectory and high speed sets it aside from other space objects such as asteroids and comets.

The researchers noted in a pre-print of the article that it was an "exotic scenario", but that "Oumuamua may be a fully operational probe sent intentionally to Earth vicinity by an alien civilization".

Speaking to AFP, a number of astronomers have challenged the Harvard scientists' suggestions.

"Like most scientists, I would love there to be convincing evidence of alien life, but this isn't it", said Alan Fitzsimmons, an astrophysicist at Queens University, Belfast.

Another well-known astrophysicist, Dr Katie Mack from North Carolina State, was critical of the claim on Twitter.

"The thing you have to understand is: scientists are perfectly happy to publish an outlandish idea if it has even the tiniest *sliver* of a chance of not being wrong".

Their paper was accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, and will appear on November 12.

"But until every other possibility has been exhausted dozen times over, even the authors probably don't believe it".

"Currently there is an unexplained phenomena, namely, the excess acceleration of Oumuamua, which we show may be explained by the force of radiation pressure from the sun", co-author and Harvard astrophysicist Shmuel Bialy told AFP via email Tuesday.

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