AT&T will cut off service for a dozen customers over piracy violations

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Novembre 10, 2018

Similar to other internet providers, AT&T was previously part of a "Copyright Alert System", an internet industry group effort that worked with the movie and recording industries to educate users to try to cut down on copyright infringement.

According to Fortune the company has had a policy in place in which customers who violate copyright are removed from their services. More than a dozen customers will reportedly be notified of the service banhammer in coming days. It would represent the first time AT&T banned customers from its service over piracy, according to the report.

The publication reports on the behalf of unnamed sources that AT&T will inform more than twelve alleged repeat pirate offenders of intent to terminate their service.

AT&T's move comes as the company has taken over Time Warner and now operates a major entertainment and content business.

AT&T told news site Axios that over a dozen affected customers will be told within the next week.

Content owners notified us when they believed they had evidence that an internet account was sharing copyrighted material unlawfully.

AT&T has now begun to disconnect customers accused of infringement - that is, accused of watching TV or listening to music in ways that are suboptimal for media companies' shareholders.

After its purchase of Time Warner for $85 billion and the release of its piracy policy, AT&T is taking steps to punish customers who are illegally pirating copyrighted content.

HBO had accused Dish of being too hard to negotiate with, allegedly pushing "unreasonable terms" at the company.

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