Chrome 71 will warn users when pages secretly charge money for subscription

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Novembre 10, 2018

Starting in December 2018, Chrome 71 will automatically remove ads from sites flagged up as serial abusers, who fail to mollify user-initiated complaints to Google during a 30-day grace period. Google Chrome will soon stop you from falling into that trap.

This primarily applies to mobile services, which may charge additional fees without giving at the same time players have complete information about a particular service. This fee gets attached to your mobile phone bill, so it can be easy to miss - and hard to get your money back if you do.

According to Google, millions of people every month stumble upon pages with insufficient mobile subscription information and wind up accidentally signed up for premium texting services and other unwanted plans. Several websites with mobile subscription pages use deceiving methods to disguise the fact they are charging users.

The users will be offered a choice to proceed the page or to go back if they were unaware that they were entering a billing page.

Google is trying to solve that by warning users of such pages in Chrome's next release - Chrome 71.

Because users pay with their phone numbers using both their desktop and mobile browsers, Google says it will show the above warning on both versions of its browser.

Once users encounter these kinds of websites, a warning page will appear.

Costs displayed to customers before accepting the terms: It needs to be clear what users will be charged by subscribing.

So, once the web pages don't meet up to standards, Chrome 71 will issue a warning. It would be impractical for them to manually evaluate all the web pages that need to conform.

To this effect, Google looks to help the user and provide with a fair warning for such sites.

Google's definition of abusive experience includes phising, fake messages, actions that auto-direct with no user action, and any unexpected areas for click-bait.

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