Tesla enables Model 3 Track Mode

Cornelia Mascio
Novembre 10, 2018

Tesla has also begun selling a new Model 3 key fob on its website for a steep $150.

Tesla is rolling out an update for the Model 3 Performance that adds "Track Mode", a new driving mode that tweaks various characteristics of the vehicle for track racing. Unlike the on-off style switch of the BMW M5's all-wheel drive system, the Model 3 chooses to control the distribution of torque at the front and rear constantly, so after you've straightened up from a drift drive is reintroduced to the front axle.

Additionally, Track Mode simulates a limited slip differential, allowing the vehicle to apply brake and motor torque to the appropriate wheels to increase cornering ability. Cue "never been in Track Mode" lines on used Model 3 adverts. If the VDC detects too much rotation in a corner, it sends torque to the front.

In brief: Tesla's new Track Mode is a nifty addition for enthusiasts that like to put their cars - and driving skills - to the test on a road course. Other features include increased regenerative braking power and proactive cooling, which helps reduce damage to the car's battery pack. It does so by using motor limit torque on the inside tires to keep them from spinning. There's even the ability to increase the refrigerant system capacity by "overclocking the AC compressor into higher speed ranges".

"This requires lightning fast torque control and the ability for the auto to precisely regulate traction on each tire - both of which are standard features in every Tesla, but that we've expanded upon with Track Mode to make highly technical driving effortless", the company says.

"And like most aspects of a Tesla, we'll continue to improve and enhance Track Mode over time with future over-the-air updates", the company promises.

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