Rightwing author Jerome Corsi: I expect Mueller to indict me

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Novembre 14, 2018

"I had nothing to hide, I feel like I've committed no crimes", he continued, claiming that he has fallen victim to a perjury trap.

Corsi told ABC News, after several sessions of interviews with special counsel Robert Mueller's investigators and one round in front of the grand jury impaneled for the probe, he was told to wait for charges to be filed against him.

Corsi told the Guardian, "they asked about both Nigel and Ted Malloch", adding, "but I'm really not going into detail because I respect the special counsel and the legal process".

Jerome Corsi, the former editor for conspiracy news website Infowars and associate of Roger Stone, says that he expects to indicted for perjury by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Corsi began working for Infowars in 2017 as their Washington bureau chief, but has since left. He wrote a book called "Where's the Birth Certificate?: The Case That Barack Obama Is Not Eligible to Be President" which was published in May 2011.

"To the best of my recollection, what I knew in advance about what Julian Assange was going to do in terms of having the Podesta emails, I figured out", he said.

Corsi has ties to Stone, a political consultant who has been questioned in Mueller's probe in regards to contacts he might have had with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange through a middle man during the 2016 presidential campaign.

ABC reported Corsi is becoming one of the main players in Mueller's investigation, which began in May 2017 over allegations the Trump campaign might have had improper ties to Russian Federation.

Corsi said Monday that he has attempted to cooperate with Mueller's team, but that "the entire negotiations and discussions have just blown up". "I felt like a prisoner of war in the Korean War being interrogated by North Koreans".

Corsi later addressed the situation on his YouTube show that aired Monday afternoon.

He said he had turned over two computers and a cellphone to investigators and given them full access to his tweets. "I got served a subpoena on August 28 at my home, two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents showed up unannounced".

The former Infowars Washington bureau chief, who recently testified before a federal grand jury in special counsel Robert Mueller's probe into Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, tells ABC News that after two months of closed-door talks with investigators, the special counsel has now indicated he will be charged within a matter of days. "I'm going to be criminally charged".

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