"Bizarre": Virat Kohli On Ravi Shastri Being Called A Yes Man

Paola Ditto
Novembre 16, 2018

"It's about man management which Ravi Bhai has done brilliantly for the time he has been with the team".

"We have made decent progress but there is still room for improvement. Because we all feel we're moving in the right direction as a team", Kohli added. "That can only be achieved if individuals go and take responsibility", Kohli said to a group of reporters.

"Individuals need to take more responsibility, show more character in such situations and assess it, and then find a solution rather than thinking that the solution will appear from somewhere". Do something special and bail the team out. And hopefully not have too many injuries where we have to look elsewhere.

"It is about remembering them". There were a lot of things that we sat down and figured out after England as to what went wrong. It's not about forgetting a victory and enjoying it. We need to be consistent as a team. A lot of people think that we don't understand what needs to be done and someone needs to literally tell you from where the bat has to come and where the head has to be. "Those are the things we are really keen on, going now in our next venture and especially in Test cricket". And a complete performance that will last a series. "Our focus more will be on how the batsmen bat well together on this tour because the bowlers are in a great space and they know what they want to do", said Kohli. Their lower-order contributions was more than us and that made the difference. Because we understand that for the top order, it can get hard when guys are bowling a good spell and it's really tough. That's the best place to bat. "If they can get going they can change the course of the whole game or a whole series".

"Our focus will be more on how the batsmen bat together". Ever since the ball-tampering scandal rocked Cricket Australia, the Kangaroos have refrained from sledging while their cricket undergoes a massive restructuring. Senior pacer Ishant said that he didn't mind if Australians sledged like earlier tours because he has the ability to give it back if they start. "When it comes to getting engaged in an argument on the field, or as people want to call it excitedly as a fight, I am completely ok with playing without an altercation". You don't find the need for all that. That is what we are working towards because he finishes one day, I finish playing one day but Indian cricket stays here and we are contributing towards that. If they want to play a certain way, we will reciprocate in that way.

"I don't think anyone has said no to me as much as him, honestly", Kohli said in the pre-departure press conference ahead of the Australia tour.

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