Ambitious climate change target proposed for Manchester

Rodiano Bonacci
Novembre 17, 2018

'Fundamental reform'Lord Deben, Chairman of CCC, said the way land is used in the United Kingdom needs "fundamental reform".

NFU Deputy President Guy Smith said: "The farming industry is on the forefront of climate change impacts; producing safe, traceable and affordable food is a daily challenge for United Kingdom farmers".

It also calls on the Government to help farmers and land managers find alternative uses of land and provide support for high up-front costs and financing to aid the transition.

The report also urges ministers to join up previous "fragmented" and "incomplete" policies governing land use, claiming that profits from food production have historically been prioritised over environmental concerns.

Reducing meat consumption in line with the Government's healthy eating guidelines would cut emissions and free up land for other uses, though the report does not call for people to switch to vegetarian diets.

Around 5%-10% of farmland could be used for "agro-forestry", with trees planted in cropland and pastures, which can help store carbon, reduce need for chemical fertilisers and protect livestock and wildlife. We must also improve the resilience of the land to climate change.

A full copy of the report can be downloaded from the CCC website. "Unsustainable supplies of biomass have no place in our future energy mix". "Anaerobic digestion (AD) plants produce nutrient-rich, natural fertiliser that helps to restore organic matter and NPK and lock carbon into soils, and the AD industry would like to see greater recognition from government of how this can help to improve the health of the UK's soils".

'We need a new conversation about the role that biomass can play in helping to meet the UK's climate change targets. "Crucially, they point out that trying to combat climate change without biomass would be harder and more expensive. In the future, it will be combined with carbon capture to actually remove carbon from the atmosphere - a crucial role if we're to stop climate change". This should go alongside planting energy crops on low-quality land.

New land use policy should promote transformational land uses and reward landowners for public goods that deliver climate mitigation and adaptation objectives.

"The NFU has been clear with its position on British farming's role in tackling climate change; reducing livestock numbers in the United Kingdom is not a part of that policy".

On Nov. 15, the U.K. Committee on Climate Change published a report on biomass that has determined sustainably sourced biomass feedstocks can play a fundamental role in decarbonizing the U.K. economy.

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