Bhad Bhabie tried to punch on with Iggy Azalea

Brunilde Fioravanti
Novembre 17, 2018

Iggy wasn't about to let a little liquid stop her from enjoying the party though, maintaining that she was "still snatched" while seemingly making digs at Bhad Bhabie.

At her Fashion Nova x Cardi B launch party, the rapper dished on how her husband is helping her to relax and unwind, especially as a new working mom.

The beef allegedly started after Iggy shaded Bhad Bhabie on Instagram, asking who would attend her upcoming tour.

According to reports, Bhad struck first by throwing a drink on Iggy.

"I haven't heard from her but I've been watching as all friends do", she said. "I ain't anxious about that bitch, I did what the fuck I had to do".

"I hope it wasn't alcohol". "You need to go, you need a vacation", she shared with E! After passively aggressively singing loudly in the crowd a lyric from Obsessed, she sang "Girl I wanna know why you so obsessed with me?" "What kind of Jerry Springer, 'Who's Baby Is This?' Dr. Phil s- is this? Oh my God. I'm a grown up, I can not".

The Australian musician also tweeted to deny claims that she retaliated.

The "Fancy" rapper suggested that she didn't want to be "scrambling around on the floor in a dirty night club trying to hit a teenage girl". "#YouNotSpecial. Anything else from her mouth is ignored - it's too preschool for me".

After dropping Tracy off at home, Azalea addressed the incident one final time. She laughed through the explanation in the video she captioned "So the Dr. Phil girl is really upset about me apparently and thought I'd fight a child?" Come on, I'm here to get a bag. And you look silly. I don't know I think that shit's lame as hell, but maybe it's because I'm a grown up'. "Mama, good luck with your career". You're young, you're gonna look back on this and gonna really feel dumb.

Giving it plenty of sass appeal, she expressed: "I wanted to do something that is like wow what is that?"

'But I'm a grown up! "It is very high-end... kind of, I made sure the materials are really good, I made sure it is fitting for the body". I was confused as fuck about what was going on'. And when the youngster caught wind of the comment, she quickly clapped back.

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