MA recreational marijuana stores open Tuesday

Cornelia Mascio
Novembre 20, 2018

Cultivate is one of the first two shops permitted to sell recreational marijuana in the eastern United States, opening more than two years after MA voters approved it in 2016.

The two dispensaries are Cultivate Holdings in Leicester and New England Treatment Access in Northampton, located in the central and western parts of the state, respectively.

It comes more than two years after legal recreational marijuana use was approved by voters.

Brittany Beso, who had been standing in line at Cultivate since 7 a.m., said she was excited to be among the first to legally purchase recreational cannabis in the state.

Items for sale will include various strains of marijuana flower, pre-rolled joints and edibles such as brownies and chocolate bars.

The rollout of legal pot sales has been slow in MA, with regulators saying they wanted to make sure it was done safely and without some of the supply issues other states have faced. Already, the CCC has issued provisional licenses for 20 other retailers and on Tuesday is expected to vote on issuing two more retailers final licenses, which would allow them to begin compiling an inventory in anticipation of opening.

MA residents voted to legalize the use, distribution and cultivation of recreational marijuana in a 2016 referendum.

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