Details of Holyrood vote against Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Rodiano Bonacci
Dicembre 4, 2018

However, Mrs May will try to shore up support for her deal by telling MPs it will allow Britain to strike "ambitious" trade deals around the world.

Updating the Commons on bilateral talks at the G20 in Argentina, she will say: "For the first time in more than 40 years we will have an independent trade policy".

He continued: "Of course what we also need to do is make sure we can suspend the Article 50 process".

The first minister said "I used today's meeting with the prime minister to reiterate that it can not - and must not - be a false choice between her proposed deal and a no-deal outcome, which threatens to be utterly disastrous for jobs, business and living standards".

A vote by MSPs against the draft EU Withdrawal Agreement will not stop the deal from going through, but it will become the formal position of the Scottish Parliament.

Sir Keir also confirmed he would work with other parties to start proceedings for contempt of parliament unless the government published its legal advice on Brexit in full.

"If ministers stubbornly refuse to obey the order of MPs then they risk triggering a historic constitutional row that puts Parliament in direct conflict with the executive", Sir Keir said.

The position is predicated on his support for an amendment tabled by Labour MP Hilary Benn, which rules out both the prime minister's deal, and leaving the European Union without an agreement.

This is seen as unlikely to pass, and the debate would probably move on to a People's Vote.

She said: "The last week has been a watershed moment in the Brexit process".

The SNP's leader at Westminster has said he expects an amendment to suspend the Article 50 European Union withdrawal process to be brought forward in the Commons in the coming days.

"As soon as the Prime Minister's deal has been put to bed, all parties and MPs must come together to agree a better way forward".

Simon Clarke and former minister David Jones said it was essential that parliament was fully informed about the implications of Mrs May's deal before they voted on whether to accept it.

Brexiter Environment Secretary Michael Gove said it would be "challenging" to get Mrs May's deal through the Commons, and admitted it was not flawless, though still better than No Deal.

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