Netflix release trailer for Ellen DeGeneres' stand-up comedy special

Brunilde Fioravanti
Dicembre 6, 2018

Ellen DeGeneres has a special treat in store for her legions of fans: a first look at her upcoming Netflix standup comedy special, "Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable".

After 15 years of making us laugh on The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres is ready to make us laugh with a stand-up special. DeGeneres then deadpanned to the audience, "Just then, Batu, my butler, stepped into the library..." She did her first HBO special in 2000, then again in 2003, when she also launched her talk show.

"There was this one station manager that said: 'No-one's gonna watch a lesbian during the day'. I've never been back there".

Ellen DeGeneres who is releasing a stand-up special on Netflix
Ellen De Generes and her wife Portia de Rossi

The trailer also finds DeGeneres joking about the downsides of ending each Ellen episode with the message "Be kind to one another", as well as the difficulties she faced returning to television after coming out in the Nineties. "Like, if somebody cuts me off in a unsafe way, if I honk, they're like, 'Ellen?!'". "What time of the day is good for a lesbian?'" I should never have a horn in my vehicle.

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