Tom Cruise gives lesson in TV settings and 'motion smoothing'

Brunilde Fioravanti
Dicembre 6, 2018

Millions of Britons bought HD-ready televisions over the past decade on the promise of being able to enjoy their favourite programmes in superior picture quality. Viewers have also complained that the action looks "too real" and excessively sharp.

"Video interpolation, or motion smoothing, is a digital effect on most high-definition televisions and is meant to reduce motion blur in sporting events and other high definition programming", McQuarrie says.

If you haven't fiddled around with the settings on your TV, there's a good chance motion smoothing is switched on by default. But while it's great for sports, it tends to make movies and TV shows look like garbage. Cruise and McQuarrie spoke of the dangers of motion smoothing, particularly for fans interested in seeing movies as the filmmakers intended, and provided a quick lesson about how to change the settings on your TV to disable the built-in feature.

In an era when many people would rather wait until a movie is released on Blu-ray or digital to watch at home, since the home viewing experience has dramatically improved in recent years, it's a shame to think that they're not seeing Tom Cruise running in the best looking way possible.

Motion smoothing, which goes by different names depending on your TV manufacturer, does exactly what the name suggests - smooths out video. One place you won't see Cruise anymore is in a Jack Reacher movie or television series. According to BBC, part of the reason is because the actor is lacking when it comes to height.

Cruise is now filming Top Gun: Maverick, which is expected to be released in 2020.

The PSA was filmed by the pair on set their upcoming collaboration, Top Gun: Maverick.

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