Dauntless to provide cross-platform play across all devices

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Dicembre 8, 2018

Phoenix Labs has also said Dauntless is coming to mobile and Nintendo Switch later in 2019. It is expected to arrive as a free download on these platforms in April 2019, when it will also become available through Epic Games' newly announced store on PC. When a player logs into their One Dauntless account, they will retain all of their progression, customization and purchased items across all supported platforms. Phoenix Labs says all of this is part of their "One Dauntless" cross-platform vision, similar to Minecraft's "Play Anywhere" initiative.

Not only will the game be available for nearly all platforms, but progression will be retained regardless of which platform you move to.

Lastly, the latest expansion for Dauntless, Frostfall, has also launched on PC now.

Loot gained during each quest can be used to craft new gear or upgrade your existing load-out, and hunts - which can be played either solo or with up to four people - can take a considerable amount of time to complete.

"With our upcoming platform launches in April and One Dauntless, we will soon be able to welcome and connect players worldwide like never before".

So if it's Monster Hunter-ish action you're after, Dauntless will have you covered in spades. The Hunt Pass will retail for $10 and will feature exclusive content that you won't be able to earn elsewhere. The new update ushers in brand new seasonal content as a deep freeze descends on Ramsgate, and Slayers will also have a chilling challenge on their hands with the introduction of a new Behemoth: Valomyr. Nintendo Switch will follow sometime in "2019", as well as a mobile release.

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