Journey is headed to PC through Epic Games' new storefront

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Dicembre 8, 2018

KitGuru Says: The Epic Store is shaping up to be more than just a competitor to Steam, potentially offering features absent from its rival. Epic employee Sergey Gaylonkin has stated that his time gathering data as SteamSpy has proven useful in designing the store, enabling the company to eventually "give developers way more information about their games than SteamSpy ever could". Darksiders 3, Subnautica and Super Meat Boy are all scheduled to launch on the service later this month, too, which brings us nicely onto the Free Game Initiative. Among them was one particular game that never saw the light of day on the PC, however that's about to change and that's because the PS3-exclusive game Journey is finally coming to the PC. It remains to be seen how good the free games offered are in the future, but Subnautica and Super Meat Boy are decent enough to start.

How Epic manages developer expectations will be a point of concern.

It's clear that Epic Games is dangling the 88/12 carrot to get more developers on board. The only types of games it would restrict would be those featuring "adult-only" content.

Top players of the hugely popular Magic: The Gathering card game will soon be able to take each other on in two separate pro-leagues.

The Magic Pro League will include 32 of the world's best players of the game who will compete in weekly matches as well as major tournaments. And if they're using Epic Games' Unreal Engine, they can even waive the usual 5% royalty Epic requires them to pay.

The latest announcement also shared some important notes about how this will work, including what it means for developers.

Epic said it aimed to differentiate itself from Steam by only taking a 12% commission on sales.

If you want to try the game yourself, it's available right now for $20 on the Epic Games Store.

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