Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds is an amazing-looking space-based Fallout game

Brunilde Fioravanti
Dicembre 8, 2018

Their new game, The Outer Worlds, was just announced during The Game Awards. For my money, the most exciting one is The Outer Worlds, a new venture from the original architects of Fallout; if you've played Fallout 76 then you probably have a good idea why this return to form is welcome news. In this area of space, corporations have taken control and rule over various planets.

Since The Outer Worlds was revealed last night, one of Obsidian's founders, Chris Avellone, has piped up to offer his take on the timing of the game's announcement. Your character awakens from hibernation, from there, you'll explore the colony, get to know the settlers, resolve conflicts and try to overcome the various threats coming your way. The trailer itself teases the different choices you can make, which will impact the story as you go along.

As mentioned, Obsidian Entertainment will be there to show off their latest title, but there's also plenty to come from more publishers and developers.

Obsidian Debuts'The Outer Worlds Sci Fi RPG via Trailer
'The Outer Worlds' trailer takes you to a mysterious colony at the galaxy's edge: Watch

Like nearly all the titles shown at The Game Awards, The Outer Worlds is due out next year - although there's no indication of exactly when.

However The Outer Worlds turns out, it may be hard for Bethesda's eventual take on the space RPG not to feel like retreaded ground.

The Outer Worlds is not available for pre-order yet, and it doesn't have a specific release date. Will you be getting this when it launches next year?

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