Ryan Reaves' autographed photos of hit on Tom Wilson 'destroyed'

Paola Ditto
Dicembre 8, 2018

"He ran into a lion in the jungle". Wilson's helmet came off, and his head hit the ice, leaving him concussed. The photos were marketed in since-deleted social media posts as the "Christmas gift of the year" - an unabashed celebration of one man concussing another. That suspension, for almost a quarter of the 2018-19 season, was Wilson's fourth in his past 105 games. Because of Wilson's very recent and ongoing history of controversial hits, many felt this was an act of much-deserved vigilante justice towards the guy who has showed blatant disregard for the health of his opponents on countless occasions. In a private signing with Inscriptagraphs, Reaves autographed photos of an injured Wilson on the ice with the caption "He ran into a Lion in the Jungle".

Reaves was given a major penalty and game misconduct for his hit on Wilson, but received no disciplinary action from the Department of Player Safety.

"I thought he was just looking at his pass - I thought he actually saw me, he looked like he took a peak", he said.

Head injuries and brain trauma are obviously hot-button issues all across the sports world right now, so it was probably a wise decision for Inscriptagraphs to pull the plug on the promotion, which they apparently did in removing the photos from eBay and its company website on Thursday, according to WaPo.

Golden Knights vice president of communications and content Eric Tosi told ESPN that "the photos were not distributed and they have been destroyed", while Reaves told The Athletic on Thursday night that he did sign the photos, but realized after they were in poor taste and had asked for them to be destroyed. "If he sees me, I know he's gonna try and lay me out and I'm not gonna let that happen".

Wilson and Reaves are notoriously two of the NHL's most physical players and they've dropped the mitts against each other twice in their National Hockey League careers, with both scraps dating back to Reaves' time with the St. Louis Blues.

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