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Modesto Morganelli
Dicembre 9, 2018

Last year's deadly flu season was unusually severe and cost the lives of many people.

Why is it important for people to get vaccinated against the flu?

Many people who didn't vaccinate past year had heard that the vaccine was only about 10 percent effective. The peak months are December through February.

When considering seeing a doctor about flu symptoms, Borgen also said it can be beneficial to call ahead of time. Jennifer Femino, FNP-BC, Family Nurse Practitioner/Director of Quality Improvement at North Shore Community Health and member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), explains why and how you can help your community prepare for flu season.

Serious reactions to the flu vaccine are rare.

"Unfortunately, over half of all adults are now unvaccinated, with 4 in 10 not intending to get vaccinated, placing themselves and those around them at risk", said Caroline Pearson of the NORC at University of Chicago, also stating that widespread vaccination doesn't just help the individual but protects those who can not get vaccinated through herd immunity.

With the holiday season here, health officials in Kentucky are urging people to take steps to help prevent spreading the flu.

A developing or weakening immune system puts certain groups at a higher risk of getting the flu. However, 41 percent of adults reported that they have not yet been vaccinated and that they have no intentions of getting vaccinated either. People who have a severe allergy to the flu vaccine or any of its ingredients should not get the flu vaccine. It is imperative that they get the flu vaccine so that they do not spread the flu to the patient, who will likely not be able to fight it and is at serious risk for complications, including death.

'Myth-busting' is closely tied to the first approach, except that it frequently involves exposing people to a piece of misinformation about the flu vaccine in an effort to discredit it.

Vaccinations are a significant achievement in the advancement of public health, aiding in diminishing the detrimental effects induced by harmful pathogens.

Along with primary providers and local pharmacies, Borgen also said the county Department of Health administers flu shots, typically on Mondays.

What about those who say that they've gotten the flu shot in the past and still gotten the flu?

"That's the strain that's a little bit better match to our vaccine", he said.

The two main factors in the effectiveness of the vaccine is the health of the patient and the match between the influenza viruses that the influenza vaccine is created to protect against and the influenza viruses spreading in the community.

The CDC is an excellent resource for information regarding the flu. "I also refer them to the Centers for Disease Control website,, which provides up to date information for healthcare providers and the public", said Mayer.

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