Tim Cook wants Apple's greatest contribution to mankind to be in healthcare

Modesto Morganelli
Gennaio 10, 2019

"If you zoom out into the future, and you look back, and you ask the question: 'What was Apple's greatest contribution to mankind?', it will be about health", he said.

And despite the iPhone clearly declining, Apple CEO Tim Cook says there's no reason to worry, explaining that those who criticize the company do the same thing every once in a while.

"My honest opinion is that there is a culture of innovation in Apple and that culture of innovation combined with these incredible, loyal customers, happy customers, this ecosystem, this virtuous ecosystem, is something that is probably underappreciated", Cook said.

While the company is most known for the iPhone, they generated a staggering $100 billion in revenue from other products.

Cook also highlighted the importance that Apple's services such as iTunes, the App Store, and Apple Music will have in 2019. He wants to see this portion of Apple double in revenue by the end of 2020. Cook still owns more than 1.5 million Apple shares worth about $189 million at the current share price.

Apple's ambitions in health monitoring and services are a secret to no one at this point.

Cook is optimistic on trade relations and believes US-China regulations will be updated to reflected a more global economic landscape.

On the topic of AirPods and Watch, as well as the fact that Apple is not disclosing unit sales numbers in its financial reports anymore, Cook gives an interesting ballpark figure which I'm sure analysts will pore over in the future.

Cook also addressed criticisms that the iPhone XR was a flop, calling it "baloney".

On top of it all, last month Apple was also ordered by the Fuzhou Intermediate People's Court to stop selling and importing all iPhone models from the 6s to the X in China after concluding that Cupertino was infringing on two Qualcomm patents.

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