Chocolates And Caramels Recalled Due To Possible Hepatitis Contamination

Modesto Morganelli
Gennaio 11, 2019

The FDA says the transmission of the virus through the candy is low.

The FDA is warning consumers of sweets manufactured at a facility in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky that may be contaminated with hepatitis A.

The FDA is recommending that anyone who ate Bauer's Candies Chocolate or Caramel Modjeskas purchased after November 14, 2018, consult with their healthcare provider to determine whether PEP is indicated. It said that once the company learned of his illness, they voluntarily closed and sanitized the facility and threw away all the candy.

Symptoms - which include fever, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and dark urine - can take anywhere from two to seven weeks after exposure to appear.

Those infected with hepatitis A may not have symptoms until 15 to 50 days after exposure.

In a statement, the President of Bauer's sweets said that it voluntarily closed its facility and "discarded all candy in house, sanitized per protocol, and began working with Federal and State agencies" when it learned of the employee's illness.

The FDA is advising consumers not to eat and to throw away any Bauer's Candies Chocolate or Caramel Modjeskas, purchased after November 14, 2018.

Officials recommend those who ate the sweets purchased after November 14 consult with their healthcare provider to determine whether post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) is indicated, even though the risk of hepatitis A transmission from the candy is low. "These agencies have cleared us to continue operation. Young children may not show symptoms of HAV infection", according to the recall. It is highly contagious and is typically spread through sexual contact, needle sharing, or by consuming food that has been contaminated by someone infected with the virus.

Unlike other types of hepatitis, it doesn't cause long-term liver damage and doesn't become chronic, the Mayo Clinic adds.

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