‘The Sopranos’ cast debates show’s ending on 20th anniversary

Brunilde Fioravanti
Gennaio 11, 2019

Christopher Moltisanti, who was played by Michael Imperioli in the series, was a protege of Tony Soprano, the New Jersey mob boss portrayed by James Gandolfini.

A Sopranos prequel, titled The Many Saints Of Newark, is in development.

David Chase's groundbreaking mafia drama first aired in the USA on January 10 1999 and viewers spent six seasons following the trials and tribulations of New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano, played by the late James Gandolfini.

The Many Saints of Newark has been co-written by Chase and Sopranos alum Lawrence Konner, with Alan Taylor (The Sopranos, Mad Men, Game of Thrones) directing.

Of course, in classic David Chase fashion, there's more than one way to interpret that quote. But the thing that interested me most was Tony's boyhood.

Chase confirmed that the movie will indeed heavily feature a young Tony Soprano, but will also center around his father, Johnny Boy, as well as his uncle Junior Soprano. "I was interested in exploring that". "The movie will deal with the tensions between the blacks and whites at the time, and Tony Soprano will be part of this, but as a kid".

When Sepinwall pointed out that Chase, in his answer, referred to the moment as a "death scene" the creator simply paused for a moment before saying, "F-- you guys". And as long as people are thinking about it, The Sopranos lives, whether or not Tony does.

The Sopranos is celebrating its 20th anniversary this week. But Chase became more interested in the project as a way of looking back at his own personal history.

"I was against [a movie] for a long time and I'm still very anxious about it, but I became interested in Newark, where my parents came from, and where the riots took place". While there is no better time to look back at one of the best television shows of all-time, it's also a ideal time to look even further back.

For those unfamiliar, "The Sopranos" ended its run in 2007 with a scene that's been talked about ever since.

Casting is now underway for The Many Saints of Newark, so we'll likely know who is playing young Tony, and other characters, soon.

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