Elon Musk shows off prototype of Mars-bound rocket

Rodiano Bonacci
Gennaio 12, 2019

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has for the first time offered a glimpse of the company's Starship test flight rocket, dubbed the "Hopper".

"Usable strength/weight of full hard stainless at cryo is slightly better than carbon fiber, room temp is worse, high temp is vastly better", Musk wrote on Twitter.

The test rocket, which resembles a shiny silver bullet, just wrapped up its assembly stage at SpaceX's Texas-based launch site.

The current prototype is focused on suborbital VTOL tests.

An orbital version of the Starship will be taller, have thicker skins to avoid wrinkling, and a smoother nose.

An orbital prototype is expected in June.

SpaceX has said the duo could one day transport people from city to city on Earth, as well as propel passengers around the Moon, to the lunar surface, and even to Mars and back. "This is an actual picture, not a rendering", Musk tweeted, while posting an image of the vehicle on Thursday. Earlier this month, the billionaire said SpaceX was aiming to carry out test flights within four weeks, but admitted it could be as long as eight weeks when unforeseen issues are factored in.

The craft will cost around $5 billion to produce and will eventually replace the Falcon 9 and the Falcon Heavy.

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