Logan Paul Says He's 'Going Gay' in March-and People Aren't Happy

Brunilde Fioravanti
Gennaio 12, 2019

"Dear Logan Paul and any ignorant, hurtful fool, You can't 'go gay for a month.' Being gay is not a choice".

"Logan Paul "going gay" is disrespectful to the LGBTQ community it makes it look like being a gay is a choice which homophobic a-holes use as a attack on the gay community can we leave this a-hole in 2018 thank u, next", another critic commented on the social media platform.

The YouTuber announced he and podcast co-host Mike Majlak would go gay for "male-only" March - following a less-inflammatory "sober vegan" January and "fatal" February.

In a recent video, both Logan Paul and Mike "Hey Big mike" Majlak chose to talk up what they had planned for the year. Instead of pushing the fictional Vegan-Bro diatribe in a new direction, Paul began breaking down his 4-month behavioral plan.

Commented another person: "I can't believe logan paul is going to be "gay for a month" like it's some sort of trend. i'm disgusted". "January is sober vegan January and then February is..." he says before running off on a tangent. "So day one, steaks, big bottles of Tito's [vodka] and shit, just wilin' out". Then Logan Paul continues, "And then March-take a guess". What is it? Male-only March.

"We're going to attempt to go gay for just one month", Paul said.

The entire conversation is borderline incomprehensible, but not trouble-free. "Content Specialist" may very well overtake "Canceled" and "Woke" as seemingly positive expressions with little to no value whatsoever.

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