New Florida governor suspends sheriff over handling of Parkland school shooting

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Gennaio 12, 2019

Seventeen students and educators were killed on February 14 at the high school, after which the Broward County Sheriff Department's response that day hasbeen called into question.

Tony, 40, has served five years on the SWAT team.

"There was no wrongdoing on my part". DeSantis also cited the Broward County sheriff's response to a 2017 mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale International Airport.

Kaplan said he had advised Israel only to make a statement and to answer no questions.

Though Sheriff Israel claimed he showed exceptional leadership, the report stated that his subordinates were not properly trained while using outdated radio technology that hindered communication during the shooting.

Broward County Sheriff's Office training on active shooters was inadequate, according to the report, which recommended arming teachers and spending more on school security and mental health to prevent similar mass shootings. "39 visits. And this was known to the intelligence and law enforcement community". While campaigning, DeSantis said he would have dismissed Israel for his role in the deadly shooting.

The Florida Senate ultimately makes the decision whether an official is suspended after the governor has given the Senate a notice of suspension.

If Israel challenges the suspension, the state Senate would hold a trial and could either fire or reinstate him. "The governor promised as a candidate, well before he had any facts of the investigation, well before the commission even began their work, that he would remove me from office", he said.

Israel expressed sympathy for the families but blasted DeSantis, a Republican, for carrying out what he considered to be a political hit job.

Israel reacted shortly after the governor's announcement, holding a press conference in which he defended his tenure and contended that he was a victim of local politics. Tony is the first African-American to serve as Broward County Sheriff. By April, DeSantis told supporters he would have suspended Israel if he had been governor at the time of the shooting.

The attorney declined to say whether Israel can collect a pension for his years as sheriff.

"Once again, I want to extend my deepest sympathies, my heartfelt sympathies to the families who lost loved ones on that awful day in Parkland", he said. The attack, which also left dozens injured, is one of the deadliest mass shootings in recent USA history.

"I don't regret anything to do with that vote because based on everything I understand about the law, understanding the realities, if we didn't renew the amount of money, we could have lost that was allocated", said Tucker.

"This is an enormous honor and privilege to be appointed Sheriff of Broward County", said newly appointed Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony.

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