Reports suggest Amazon is developing a game streaming service

Brunilde Fioravanti
Gennaio 12, 2019

As per a report in The Information on Thursday, the e-commerce giant is looking to develop a service that will let you play games streamed online. This service, as with PS Now, will reportedly allow customers to stream video games over the Internet, making it possible to access titles without paying for them individually.

The service will see Amazon compete with Google - which is now testing its Project Stream service in the U.S. - as well as Microsoft, which is building its own platform, hardware maker Nvidia, and publisher Electronic Arts.

As streaming requires significantly less processing power than running games locally, titles could stream to Amazon's Fire TV hardware, as well as smartphones and tablets. No mention was made about a PC version of the service, unfortunately, but it sounds like it's still heavily under development. On one hand it just cancelled its first project Breakaway back in April of past year, but on the other a move into the streaming side makes sense - the company certainly has the server capabilities and Amazon might want to stay neck-and-neck with the other big tech companies working on streaming.

The Verge also learned that Amazon is hiring two engineers who are being recruited for "Cloud Games", while a third listing for a cross platform game engineer refers to "an unannounced AAA game business".

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