Mobile Caller Verified tool is exclusive to Galaxy Note 9

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Gennaio 13, 2019

In our newsroom, whenever someone gets a phone call, it's often from a scammer, spammer or other unwanted caller.

If you own a smartphone, you have likely seen and answered calls that appear to come from your local area code, but are actually automated messages and scams.

The carrier is launching this new feature via the most recent Samsung Galaxy Note 9 software update.

Call Verified is free for T-Mobile customers. As well, T-Mobile customers can choose to block all calls that have been identified by the carrier as suspected spam. It's a tool that uses existing industry STIR and SHAKEN technology standards to assure phone owners that the call they're getting is indeed from a legitimate number. However, the carrier promises it's going to expand the tool later this year. If you've got a Galaxy Note 9 and you're already a T-Mobile customer, that's it. Your network provider has enabled a new "Caller Verified" technology on your device to protect you from scammers and spammers. It all works based on the FCC standards of STIR (Secure Telephony Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Secure Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) - T-Mobile proudly states that it is the first carrier to implement these.

Few things are as irritating as spam calls, and today, T-Mobile announced that it's taking a couple steps forward in helping make sure you have to deal with them as infrequently as possible. Call recipients on those phones will notice a Caller Verified identifier on the incoming call screen after T-Mobile confirms the authenticity of a caller, letting users know that the call is OK to pick up.

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