Teenager takes Bird Box challenge while DRIVING, with predictable results

Brunilde Fioravanti
Gennaio 14, 2019

While actors Sandra Bullock and Travante Rhodes were able to drive blindfolded in the movie, Bird Box, the same could not be said for a teenager in Utah who crashed her auto into another after partaking in a challenge inspired by the Netflix original.

The challenge involves people blindfolding themselves and performing activities such as walking or running, pretending to be the blindfolded characters in the movie. Layton Police Department tweeted, "Bird Box Challenge while driving ... predictable result", with a photo of one of the wrecked vehicles.

"Honestly I'm nearly embarrassed to have to say, 'Don't drive with your eyes covered, ' but you know apparently, we do have to say that", Lt. Lyman said.

He explained that the driver pulled a beanie hat over her eyes while driving.

"It's just inexcusable to do something as unsafe as this", Lieutenant Lyman told KSL, reports Newsweek.

She then lost control before skidding into the opposite lane and hitting another auto and a streetlamp.

Lt. Travis Lyman of the Layton, Utah, Police Department, said the 17-year-old girl and her 16-year-old male passenger made a decision to take the challenge while she was driving, and she ended up driving her pickup into another vehicle.

The horror movie depicts a world where an ominous unseen presence has driven million to suicide, forcing survivors to keep their eyes covered.

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