Eva Marie Talks Being Used As A Pawn On Celebrity Big Brother

Brunilde Fioravanti
Febbraio 11, 2019

Celebrity Big Brother's double eviction night will keep two fan-favorite CBS dramas from airing new episodes Friday night.

Celebrity Big Brother will be saying goodbye to two of the celebrity houseguests during Friday's special installment.

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Kato is out and Tom is back. It is down to 7 people. Speaking of that alliance, Lolo and Ricky debate who to put up if one of them win HoH. Seeing Tom as the key to her staying in the house, Kandi pulls him into her plans for the HoH competition. He agrees. He thinks to himself that she may be working both sides but he isn't t sure. They arrive to see a mini casino set up. Tom acknowledges her plan is smarter, but wonders if pulling it off will screw him over post-HoH given Natalie's competitive strengths. She tells Tamar she is not eligible to compete. The celebs must get into large dice and move them on the life-size board to the number they are given. The last player left at the end of the game becomes the new HoH, and using his heat-magnet status as competitive fuel, Tom wins again. Dina had a hard time. Kandi goes next. She chooses to battle against Natalie. Natalie wins. Now it is down to Tom and Natalie. Tom wins! He is HOH. Natalie, Lolo, Tamar, and Ricky are upset and nervous. In her mind, Dina and Kandi are seen as "bloodless" and could easily cruise to victory with the jury. Lolo, with her eye toward the finale, believes that Tom may want to be next to someone who has equally bloody hands. Meanwhile, Lolo and Natalie know where Kandi stands and she is dead to them. While Kandi and Tamar give her a reality check about her potential "catfish", all Dina (and most of the viewing audience) can do is squirm as she insists the mystery man is real. She says she is going to marry him. Dina tells them no way.

Tom meets with Natalie. They reach a deal that sees them both safe. Talking with Natalie, he tells her that she'll likely be nominated if one of his planned nominees wins the veto but that she's not his target. He admits this time he is lying. Ricky senses something is off. Tamar tells her they saved her. Kandi tells her she saved her not them. Kandi meets with Tom. He should have talked to her first.

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