Fox says Corbyn's Brexit plan is a 'dangerous delusion'

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Febbraio 11, 2019

Interviewed on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Mr Johnson insisted staying in a customs union permanently would mean the United Kingdom being "essentially a colony'. Mrs May also said the Tories were "prepared to commit" to new laws to protect workers" rights after Brexit - a key demand of Labour and the unions.

Writing her response to his letter of last Wednesday, Mrs May told the Labour leader: "It is good to see that we agree that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union with a deal and that the urgent task at hand is to find a deal that honours our commitments to the people of Northern Ireland, can command support in Parliament and can be negotiated with the EU - not to seek an election or second referendum".

On Sunday, May responded to Corbyn's letter from last week that laid out Labour's conditions for backing any Brexit deal, one of which is membership of a permanent customs union.

"The fundamental negotiating challenge here is the EU's position that completely frictionless trade is only possible if the United Kingdom stays in the single market", she said.

"The idea that you can have a customs union with the EU and at the same time, as an outside country, have an effect on EU trade policy, is to not understand the EU treaties".

She wrote: "I am not clear why you believe it would be preferable to seek a say in future European Union trade deals rather than the ability to strike our own deals?"

The prime minister queried his call for the United Kingdom to stay in a customs union with the EU - but welcomed more talks with Labour on a Brexit agreement.

The communities secretary, James Brokenshire, said on Sunday that if no finalised deal were put to the Commons by 27 February, MPs would again be given an amendable motion to consider, allowing them to block a no-deal departure or make other interventions.

His comments were echoed by former Conservative chairman Grant Shapps who tweeted: "No point winning Labour MPs, by losing Tories!"

Asked if May thus realised she needed more Labour votes, Stewart said: "Certainly, the maths suggest that to get this through we're going to need support from all around the house".

"I don't think that would be good enough", he said.

Mrs May wants the two parties to discuss how "alternative arrangements" to the Irish backstop - a commitment to avoid a hard border - could work.

Mr Barclay will later travel to Brussels for talks over dinner with the EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

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